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I got my second flowers from my boyfriend who lives in Virginia, USA 2 nights ago..it was hand bouquet and chocolate :)
his first flower was like 2 months ago for my birthday..i was so very happy, because even though he lives so far away he still can showed how romantic he was :)
by the way..we are in long distance relationship, i live in Pekanbaru, Indonesia..

i like this florist service that my bf can ordered via online and the service was very good..they delivered at night, but there is suggestion for Zoe Florist, maybe the courier shouldn't call me before they deliver the flower, because there was not a surprise anymore since made me know it must from my bf..better keep it as a surprise til they knock the door ;)
anddd..umm..the message my bf left to me..better not to wrote with a handwriting from the florist..hehe it was like a flaw in a perfectness..:p is better to just print the message and put it in the card that going to sent with the flower..it will much better i think.. :)
but over all..it was a good service..maybe i'll thinking to order and use this florist service for our wedding..who knows..it will be in june anyway ^^
Keep up the good work..