marine salvage ship launching rubber airbag

Marine airbags are also known as air lifting airbags, boat salvage airbags, inflatable rubber airbags, dock safety airbags, floating airbags, floating pontoon, heavy lifting airbags, hoisting airbags, ship launching airbags, caisson floating airbags, pneumatic rubber airbags,etc.
Launching ship with rubber airbags is a big innovation started in 1980s. Our boss Mr.Pan is one of the first group of experts who were interested in the research and application of airbags used for ship launching and landing. This new technique was gradually proven to be economical and practical. Now the technique is mature and become popular among big shipyards both in China and abroad.
Our company has been specialized in the manufacture and popularization of ship rubber airbags for more than 20 years. We played a leading role in setting National Industrial Standard on marine airbag and fender products. Our factory complies with ISO9001:2008 and our products pass the related tests and obtain CCS certificates. Several new models of our products are granted with National Patents and are solely supplied by us.

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