Swimwear Manufacturers Bali

King Trading is the only Swimwear Company situated in Bali to hold an exemption certificate against tax & duty on the importation of fabrics on the condition we export the clothing to an overseas port. Every other producer in Bali will be landing their fabrics at approx. double our costs. You as a client can decide when you’re working with King Trading to use in your Swimwear or Bikini lines a choice of locally available swim fabrics, off the shelf ready stocks, or of a higher quality roll based fabric from Italy such as Carvico using their re-cycled fabric called Vita made from reclaimed fishing nets or other post-consumer nylon waste.
King Trading is the best Swimwear Manufacturer in Bali.We are a one-stop shop for all types of Swim & Bikini wear. Our team of dedicated technical staff & management are here to assist in every way to ensure your swim line is produced to the highest possible standard in Bali.

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