Classical ballet is a classical science that can create movements that are very dynamic and beautiful. Take a very long time in studying the science of this classic ballet. Levels in classical ballet are:

- Baby Class
- Pre - Primary
- Grade 1
- Grade 2
- Grade 3
- Grade 4
- Grade 5
- Pre - Elementary
- Elementary
- Intermediate 1
- Intermediate 2
- Advance 1
- Advance 2

Classical Ballet is able to start from age children up to 3 years, the education system in use is mixing between the RAD syllabus (Royal Academy of Dancing London), Russian Vaganova. Each year there will be increased levels of the test. This year, in cooperation with the Education System of the Australian Dance called the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) and has become a formal member of ATOD each year increase in the level with the test examiner from Australia.

Ballet skills in this particular phase will be very easy for learning science in the dance because the other body disciplines taught in classical ballet is very high and can make someone a reliable professional dancers in all areas of dance and is also a provision in a career in the future.

1. Baby Ballet (min age 3-10 years):
Registration Rp. 300 000
The cost of Rp. 250.000/ month for 4 sessions..
Meeting 1 time a week,
Schedule Monday, Pk. 15:30 or Thursday, Pk. 13:00
Free Trial valid 1 x

2. Private Ballet Children (3-10 years)
Free registration
The cost of Rp. 250.000/ meetings.
The addition of Rp. 50.000/orang, you could be sharing the costs with each other, so it can be cheaper.

3. Private Teen & Adult Ballet (11 years and above):
Free registration
Costs only Rp. 600 000 / month for 4 sessions..

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