Seated Dining (Plated Meals Catering)

Catering Bali - Seated Dining


1. Salmon Carpaccio
Wakame puree, citrus and bonito soy dressing,
tobiko (flying fish roe), chilli oil and
nori crackers.

2. Prawn Katsu
Succulent prawn cutlet with Japanese
tartar sauce.

3. Grilled Vegetables
Grilled vegetables with miso truffle dressing.

4. Thai Wakame Salad
Wakame, seaweed, cherry tomato, cucumber,
mix herbs, crushed cashew nuts, mix leaves,
nori crackers, and chili lime vinaigrette.

5. Mix Mushrooms Grill
Grilled mix Japanese mushrooms with
kombu butter.

6. Soba Tuna Salad
Tuna (seared), sesame dressing, Japanese pickles,
scallion, grilled corn, braised soy beans,
edamame, chili, coriander, mint, shiso and
umami flakes.

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