Reine Recruitment Consultant

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Reine Recruitment Consultant
PO BOX 175 BSD City South Tangerang 15330 Indonesia, Tangerang, Java
Tahun Pendirian 2012
Pegawai 6-10


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Rincian Perusahaan

Reine Recruitment Consultant is a recruitment consulting company located in Indonesia that maintain focus on two key practice areas, headhunting services and management trainee consultation.

Vision Statement
To be a reputable recruitment consulting company in Indonesia.

Mission Statement
To provide professional, trustworthy and excellent services by putting clients’ needs as a priority and support their success.

Integrity – Honor truthful as well as confidence
We present the truth in a careful appropriate and helpful manner to guide client managing their manpower. On the other hand we are also committed to honor client confidence while delivering our services.

Customer Success – Commit to meet client request and requirement as a priority to accomplish.
We listen to our clients’ expectation, deliver services to ensure client success and create long term relationship.

Quality – Set a high standard for the services we deliver.
We ensure client’s requirements and expectations are fulfill.

Teamwork – Lead by teamwork to deliver services beyond clients’ expectation.
We believe every team member has a unique knowledge and ability to improve other team member. Be open minded and think positively while working together as a team are the only way to achieve a faster and better accomplishment.

Are You Reine Potential Client?
Kindly please email to see how Reine HR Consulting can meet your need. Never hesitate to email at any time you need consultation related to manpower management issues (free).

If You Are One Of the Top Notch..
with minimum 5 year working experience, please feel free to submit your CV to
Headhunting: Retained Executive Search and Contingency BasedOur recruitment consultants who come from industrial/organizational psychology, engineering and economic background, are expert in finding the right candidate that would fit in our client’s organizati...
Every organization need to ensure their organization continues or even develops over the time. Therefore we could not avoid the need of a young well educated generation whom will lead our organization...
Recruitment administration provides advice and support on recruitment and selection process. With accurate and timely information, we help client to make effective hiring decisions. The service would ...

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