Ulasan mengenai Kepandean Rotan Toko

I'd like to say how pleased I am, and have been, for the past 16 years, with the excellent rattan furniture (living room, chaises, table, chairs, etc.) that was made for our family at this great store. The quality is superb! As I mentioned before, our furniture has been in constant use ever since we had them delivered (and we have four kids), and the quality and paint is still intact. I am extremely happy with the personnel of this store, in fact, I am trying to contact "Ma'mun", who is the gentleman who designed and took our order back then, since I would like to have more furniture made. I am an expat and would like to obtain an email so as to be able to contact someone from the store. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me obtain it. Again, thanks a million for your excellent work!

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